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    Youngblood Brass Band: "Brooklyn"

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    Artist: Youngblood Brass Band
    Album: Center: Level: Roar
    Track: Brooklyn

    I was introduced to the Youngblood Brass Band by a friend just a few weeks ago. I fell in love with this track in particular pretty quickly. To my surprise though, this group has been around (in one way or another) since they formed in high school back in 1995. They hail from Wisconsin, but you’d think they were from New Orleans. The group is known for structuring their sound around the traditional, New Orleans brass band style while also incorporating a handful of other influences (i.e. hip hop, jazz, punk). They’ve been touring the world and putting out albums for roughly ten years, and this track is off of their 2003 releaseĀ Center: Level: Roar. I’m definitely going to do some more homework on these guys in the near future, in hopes of finding some more gems like this one.

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    Brooklyn - Youngblood Brass Band
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    Brooklyn Youngblood Brass Band I wish more people knew about this group. I love all their music but I listen to this...
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    'Brooklyn' - Youngblood Brass Band Jazz band auditioned with this piece of music on Tuesday, among others. Love it.
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